Future! Clouds disheveled side…

Future! Clouds disheveled side!
hat sedan! thunderstorm young!
Paradise apple year, when I
I will, like God.

I have experienced this. I have delivered.
I know it. I've tasted it.
Zorka summer. cloudless heat.
hot ferns. no sound.
Fly does not sit. And the beast is not the Cygnet.
Bird porhnet – scorching summer.
The sheet will not move – wall and palms.
Ferns and palms, and this
Tree. it, basket rennet
Vonzennoe wounded shade in the heat,
Tree of the Virgin and the tree of the ban.
This wall and palms, and “Come,
What's that, It has not been, go up-ka”.

Palma wall and someone else,
Someone like force, and thirst, and flour,
Someone, like laughter and cold through –
On the forehead and hair with all five fingers,-
And irons on the lawn – viper.
Blue lines of pines. no sound.
Ferns and palms wall.

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Boris Pasternak
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