YU. Anisimov

I am waiting for, soon whether a child of the forests,
The peak of the choir in the snow,
fall, head ochertya,
In the depths of the oratory.
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Staggered dates choir,
ridges chandelier:
First fraction, then space,
For all blind October.
first hurdle, above the forest it,
For all squeaky block.
Dawning builds, vote
Go to the ceiling.

first Ranh, first ripples,
First, forty network,
Then the fog, Ponton in bread,
It is being built east.

First zhzhesh plenty girandole,
Then burned in vain;
For all hundreds Stogniy thence
binges October.

But there will be singing silent,
As will call the child.
Slips Choir Men,
Head ochertya.

ABOUT, Is he I am not,
Not clearly lonely?
And do choruses cities
No singer in the legs?

When, looking backwards,
I will hand over the palaces verse,
Not me eh then for him to walk
Stop samohud?

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