As treasurer of the last of the planets…

As treasurer of the last of the planets,
In what book I can handle, townspeople,
What the soul manages the poet,
love, people and the content of the springs?

One day, I involuntarily looked
In his painting had not yet dried
And you sick, sick million cheekbones,
And you're alone, one in their smallpox!

happy, I tell the girl.
Someday, and with the creation of the world
First, the body will descend, as the barge,
On the days will, the will of their tug.

unhappy, I tell you, wife
Has not forgotten adventures,
unhappy then, I'm doubly
I love you for it and raring!

May be, too late.
drop it, drop it,
May be, not too late,
drop it!

After all, he will pursue
Rev these pipes,

importunate lamentations
in the morning, evening:

Why do I feel so close
In my soul
And so irresponsible

May be, from there by clicking here
And drag the wardrobe,
She forgot to remove it from the nail,
ABOUT, if only the cloak!

But, without if, lamp Chadi
Above the red square carpet,
AND, without if, magnet, magnet
Her family brand.

You think, I blasphemy?
Oh no, Oh no, believe me!
But, poison, I swallow an ounce
The former leading door.
Let the, I'm already there, or go down
I'm from the delay in the mind,
Save in the shower, like a bird on ice,
Jealous longing sublimate.
Well, okay, securities in the fog, poems
Spend the night in a dream!
But the night my thoughts, as the tops of the pines
By the dawn of the fire in your first.
I used to cover your knees
Kisses from all folly.
But, both wings, grow my insults,
Give me my wings and touch you!
You should have used to hear, as a song in the bones,
Ohranitelynыy okrik: “billeting, do not rush!”
If you knew, how it will hurt us grow
Then, all three, in this narrow heights!
Little, little beast,
Child of large animals,
before him, for a check
Locks all doors!
Long time coming hours,
You do not have to wait,
And in the virgin beauty of the wilds
rages: “Again, again”…
Polyubuysya is on it,
As size is sovereign,
Eagle, sieve?
you are generous, I am generous.
When the piggy half empty,
How eloquent of her mouth!
Sawdust is often heard ringing louder than sounds
Piggy banks and brim full pennies.
but the poet, humanity treasurer, Work
Dusheiznuritelnoy figure costs,
of expenses, poshedshie, eg,
For the maintenance of tragedies, kingdoms and chimeras.

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Boris Pasternak
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