Love Faust

All lights, All shops scarlet fever,
All maples calico
One window pulled cobwebs.

Oilcloth all canteens. Full scale
Cupboard and gypsum thoughts. All barracks.
The entire coven unmistakable dreams.
violet violet К.[to Parma violets (France.)]

All sweltering tar magics. The doctors
And Dogi. All rattlesnakes download
Rozhkov, circling at midnight – yesterday
By unhappy blouse.

Ash all Julies, greens all Cullen,
olif Lbov; slipping wrap
heaven healing. All, about Galena
And guttural Arabic klegchet demon
and whispers genius.

All of the oil portraits; all berets,
All burnt cork, hell, freehand,
Stockings rubbed lime
and cranks.

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Boris Pasternak
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