German silver

Is sleek temple in malachite,
Vozleleяn silver kosogor
Multipartite beggars bell
Shallow carries Melchior.

Above the ditch izzvezhennoy Civaux
Stolbeneyut in the dim shore,
Because that bridges without review
Vodopianov over zgoy Botschagow,

But, curly Karel Cruz,
Birch bark palace was torn
Obolet Kremlin and burnt
Warm myrrh standing rouge.

As the walls Zoryane a buried,
for trench, under bare bastion
Bridges red tape red tape
Collected in a road shoulder straps.

AND, fraternizing, peal to peal,
Towers slyubitsya heart on,
what, Balakirev sklabâsʹ over mud,
Loose empty chaso.

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Boris Pasternak
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