But why

But why
Simmered misgivings
alloy winter?

And why
all, like spring backwater,
I vulnerable?
And why,
As snow in hot-water tank,
I scattered?
And why
steam night, as evaporation
hot water?
And the clouds
Expanse of my brain the night
float, while
With a foreign land they do not call out a cry,
and hair
My lifts the cloud over.
No, not! Hair
Your will find on the stone, zlopoluchye!

Now let
this brain, like a barrel, and vysmolen,
And no sails!
Foam and foam.

But now,
But now let me gather my thoughts
Let go! Gradually.
No, again
Aunt thaw sneaking with stolen,
And again
City got lisping raid,

And again
in eye, rinse cavities
Melt treasures and swim
Dome with clouds and heads
And the head.

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Boris Pasternak
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