night panels

When the dream biconcave
Showcase twilight cover,
I will bring into your incognito
My phone celluloid.

Yes, it must be so, so boring
By candle legends corridors;
Yes, It must be so, that instead suffered,
Sam-third of the night with us donors.

Yes, it is necessary, to the bravery of the young men
Wandered heart chaise,
That came out of my midnight
It is to your tax backwaters.

With lulls to highways
Lights resonated in the center,
That window for pools
Squadron dormant gentry.

to, night vzdvoennoy justified,
Arrived idols, dim edge,
To sea in, of the Argonauts
Rushed horizon area.

To the Golden Fleece vycheski
Stray gray hairs to melyam,
So over oceanic ridge
Moaned the heart of Ariel.
When will the fires burn out colossi
And lurching dreams on the roads,
In some bays collapse suburb,
and where, When songs is nowhere?

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Boris Pasternak
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