Earth looked birthday girl
And all week waiting for this,
When her deliverer will throw
By dusk or dawn.
Surf roared their gibberish
In the pebble otvesa,
When suddenly hear all, top rolls:
“Odessa busy, Odessa”.
In the streets, have not ezzhennym,
Carried Russian cheerful hum.
Minesweeper engaged neutralized
Porches and houses of Tola.
is infantry, vhodit cavalry,
Rattling carts and carts.
In conversations during the night to the slopes,
And there is no end to them in the inn.
And next to the pit skull grins,
He stretched an immense wasteland.
There Savage walked Mace,
Walked man cave.

Empty eye sockets of the skull
Looking head immortelles
And individuals inhabit the air,
Shot in April.

Evil will be avenged, ordered,
But relatives of the victims and widows
We are obliged to facilitate the grief
Even some new word.

We swear to all of them Russian genius,
That martyrs and heroes
spiritualization victory
We construct a perpetual memorial.


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Boris Pasternak
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  1. sanek

    никита проглядел талант пастернака теперь только камеди клаб и дом 2