And over the cliff, verse, your opeshit
Presumptuous passion ant,
when you understand, than the sea shallows kreshet,
slipping, Sharkov, squally.

The duty of one per hurricane:
Interrupting the corner sadness
And just breath,
And it seems, it is not difficult to observe.

Run down the, like that of any slippery slope
Where dachnitsyno clicks underwear,
And you will understand, how little benefit
In pursuit of its forms rhyme.
Examined and time without selecting
And acquisitions are fully,
Accidentally, but with a snort of Fibro
Flies into the arms of a woman surf.
where the chest, where the hands sprinkles fish?
Until boats doplesnulsya liquid ice.
Surf and pour over the ground by mistake…
Such happiness – flight.

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Boris Pasternak
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