Lieutenant Schmidt

Part one


Fields and distance flattens ellipse.
Silk umbrellas breathing thirst thunder.
Scorching day bottomless sky aiming
In the racing racetrack grandstand.

people sweating, like kvass Glacier,
Privorozhenny melting of distances.
Spinning in a whirlwind of hoofs and greaves,
As oil hit a horse space.

Behind dimensionally beating trends
Some underground beginning
Military fluttering year for jockeys
And the horses and spoke rocking.

No matter what whispering, I would not drink,
He grew up around and crawled on transitions,
And interfere with the conversation, and ash
Pinch mingled with the waters.

It's all over. night came. In Kiev
swept through the darkness, throwing the shutters in the shutter.
And the rain poured. And as in the days of Batu,
The past day has become strange starodaven.


“I dare you to write. Whether it is necessary
Remind? I am the sailor at the derby.
You puzzle me then one asked.
And yet, after, after. time suffers.

When I first saw you… But before that,
I once lived and suddenly forgot about it,
And once you started to look to pursue,
And lost in the crowd for the turnstile.

When I passed tetanus my tactlessness,
I suddenly remembered, I do not know, who you are.
The rest is known. It is difficult to gang up,
To meet such a fabulously again.

You pondered whether only the, some here
faith expanse!- offended look,
The gulf in the crowd, happen during the night on the train,
Pull up and find yourself next to the umbrella!”

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Boris Pasternak
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