Time we indulge victories,
And things every minute
All fabulous and unknown
In the green glow of the fireworks.
all look, like a rocket, falling,
Hit the pavement,
For bachelor cannonade
remembering combat.
On the street light, like in houses,
And the sight of her unrecognizable.
We are from the crowd in rocket fire
Burning eyes fixed.


On the way out of the army, accidentally
This glow collide,
Meets someone outskirts
The shining of its success.

He's coming off at the edge of the grove,
Where in black lace, pattern,
Night glow poloschetsya
Through the sparse branches of the slot.

And he walks dry leaves
On point-calibration control
Discover, some celebrated news
ZARNITSA throned.

There is an operation,
Which he and the participant,
And he is a pillar of illumination
captivate, as a third-grader.

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Boris Pasternak
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