polar seamstress


I was wearing white shoes girls
And on November baleen,
Last darkness of her wardrobe,
And it is not what it smelled.
She was not the case before, that stuffed
Chump masculine,
press them apart blizzard, it is their lading
At the heart without ispod.

I loved because, that dress cute
I saw a pretty dress without,
But over the vision the day I avenged themselves
gloves handshake.

Yet many young people, right, dream
Cutter those solitudes,
Cape foundling, her students,
And the arms of the night on cardboard.


And even tailor,
Where a calico
Canary about his twilight beak grind,
And even tailor, everyone asks
On the wall of instruments for measuring emotions.

Frenzy of separation has brought on it
Under the seventh podvodinu arrow,
Broaching love howled number,
Two night life but in the mind!
And even tailor,
Where, through a corridor
Rhapsody Hungarians for non-payment of money,
And even tailor,
Heart, a heart,
Wall neurotic us know in the face.

So far l have gone unconsciousness,
Grace your stubborn eh
Look: you explained signs
polar seamstress.

He looks away azure coveted,
Falsely pours a glass,
Look, you explain signs…
So far gone.

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Boris Pasternak
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