The last day of Pompeii

It was evening, as a blow,
And the angina pectoris
Forest purple ball,
Chadivshy no weaker.
And the day would collapse to the ground,
And down would collapse immediately,
Where to lyudom and tavern,
picked up the lost
slough, Mani. Where
Reduced ends meet,
The buoyancy of the stars in the water
I water them in the panoramas.
Where like alcohol, vzasos
Couples marshes fallow
Pulled fortress grew,
dilute fire.

And there was, paralysis,
That evening. It was, the crisis
Poems about death. Proverbs
decided to come true, near.

Here! Face to face
sunset, not shy!
Who will come to an end
The last day of Pompeii.

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Boris Pasternak
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