Heart and satellites


so, only you, my city,
With insomnia observatories,
On the outskirts of losses,
so, only you, my city,
That controversial, hatred Dawns
Doors dipping passage.
There: in the twilight sizom hardened,
Where air streaked with gray fade,
Hladeet abandoned input.
Here: k neotgorayushtey whether
The Experienced output requests,
By noon, the people crowding.
And as if in a through telescope,
Where, jinx sublunary eyes,
Twin learned astrologer,
Door to door, smearing each other,
Golden and blue flakes
Stray and perish disunited.
Where to swell sloping balconies
And the sky antique furniture
uplift, how to tackle Vishny,
The unconscious disastrous Grebel
Defense will lose heart,
And satellites will affect the power.
so, only you, prichudnik,
Entered the aphelion passage,
Dawn combining with blizzard,
Two voices in song, we say:
“There are two of us: we heart and satellite,
And he and the other two,”.

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Boris Pasternak
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