hastily line

I felt the proximity of the front.
Talk Katus
Swerved from the horizon
The rear wilderness.

And when the ridge positions
He moved to the eagle,
Everything began to move in the capital
And her rear.

I remember in Moroku trains,
crush supply,
Autumn branch to the east
Forty-first year.

I remember the bombing ordeal,
Hoarse sirens,
Brushes sticking hedgehog
streets, roofs and walls.

The pavement under the skyscraper
In the depths of the terrible
Dead island beyond the grave
It seemed to me.

And when the bomb into the sky
cinema Truhli,
I and Anatoly Glebov
They were at the top.

What I lifted today
Up to seven heaven,
Similarly, again from the underworld
I climbed up on the roof?

I'll be right down to the lodger,
I announce retreat,
Running a hand over the faces,
Drunk and blind.

I will tell: Down with the severity of the!
White on the table!
stunning news:
returned the eagle.
I perfectly remember
Day, when he put.
It was hot, as if in a blast furnace,
And in the morning – fog.
And in the morning I went to roll,
ran breadth:
give this city, city – bird,
City – hero.
But the anxiety has passed.
he released.
Climb out of the cellar,
goeth out!
glory to the fallen. glory systems
after passing.
Eternal glory to the heroes
And the creators of victories!

7 August 1943

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Boris Pasternak
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