Tsarskoye Selo - Pushkin

Guardian sweet feelings and past pleasures,
Oh you, singer oak old familiar Genius,
Memory, Draw me
magical places, where I live soul,
The woods, where I loved, where feelings develop,
Where the first youth infancy merged
and where, cherished dream and nature,
I knew the poetry, fun and peace of mind ...

Another let them sing heroes and war,
I loved the live modestly silence
AND, alien ghost blistatelnyya glory,
You, Tsarskoye Selo beautiful oaks,
From now on, each dedicated to an obscure Muse
And the songs of peace and sweet leisure.

Lead, Bring me under the shadow of lime,
Always kind of my free laziness,
On the shore of the lake, on a quiet slope of the hills!..
Yes, once again I see lush meadows carpets
And decrepit bunch of trees, and bright valley,
And the lush shores of the familiar picture,
And in the quiet lake, amid sparkling zybey,
Tranquil village proud swans.

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