Moon at its zenith - Akhmatova

sleep distressed,
wake up in love,
See, How ornament poppy.
Some power
now part
In your sanctuary, darkness!
Mangalochy patio,
Smoke your bitter
And as your high poplar ...
Going from now ...
So what are you, East!
April 1942

On whether the Leningrad space terrible
Or with a blissful leteyskih fields
You sent me this cool,
Poplars decorated fence
And myriads of stars aziyskih
I spread over my sorrow?
March 1942

Everything will return to me:
The red-hot night and vexation
(Like Asia delirious dream),
Halima nightingale singing,
And biblical daffodils blossoming,
And invisible blessing
Breeze shelestnet country.
10 December 1943

And in memory, as if in a patterned styling:
Gray omniscient smile mouth,
Grave noble folds of his turban
And the regal dwarf - Pomegranate bush
16 Martha 1944

Third spring meet away
from Leningrad.
third? And it seems to me, she is
will last.
But do not forget, I will never,
Before the hour of death,
How gratifying to me was the sound of water
In the shadow of the wood.
peach flowered, violets and smoke
All incense.
Who do I dare to say, here
I am in a foreign land?!

I have not been here for seven hundred years,
But nothing has changed ...
Still pouring God's mercy
With indisputable heights,

All the same choruses of stars and water,
All the same vault of the sky black,
And just as the wind carries the grain,
And the same song her mother sang.

it is durable, aziysky my house,
And no need to worry ...
yet come. Fleur, fence,
whether it is full, pure pond.
5 May 1944

7. The phenomenon of the moon
Mother of pearl and agate,
Of smoky glass,
So suddenly aslant
And so solemnly floated, —
As if the "Moonlight Sonata"
We just crossed the road.
25 September 1944

How to trapeznoy - benches, table, window
With a huge silver moon.
We drink coffee and black wine,
We rave music ...
Does not matter…
And blooming branch over the wall.
In exile, the sweetness was sharp,
Uniquely, perhaps, sweetness.
Immortals roses, dry grapes
We gave shelter birthplace.

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