August - Brodsky

small town, where you do not tell the truth.
Yes, and you ì she, in fact all the same - yesterday.
Elms rustling outside the window, poddakyvaya landscape,
known only to train. Somewhere buzzing bee.

Having made a career out of the crossroads, knight
he is now a traffic light; a plus, front - the river,
and the difference between the mirror, in which you are looking,
and topics, who do not remember, tozhe small.

Trapped in the heat, shutters twined gossip
or simply ivy, not to be trapped.
tanned teenager, ran out in front,
you selects future, standing in his shorts.

Therefore, the long dusk. The evening usually cast
in the form of the railway station square, with statueй and t. NS.,
where opinion, which read, "Damn you",
is directly proportional to the missing crowd.

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Boris Pasternak
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