Angelica - Tsvetaeva

dark Chapel, where the body is crying,
Near krotkogo ladder!..
Earthly happiness is alien to me hurricane:
I - Angelica.

Quiet singing in unison,
Windows unclear divorce,
My life took possession, like a dream,
slender arches.

My eyes and in my childhood there escaped,
He exhausted cities.
Boring to me talk and sparkling hall,
The world to me - so boring!

Someone before the Virgin zateplilas candle
(Waiting for healing sick eh?)
That's why I'm among you silent:
All I - other.

Sweet weakness drooping hands,
Every sorrow It is easy to Me.
Ivy temnolistvenny embraced as a friend
old stones;

White and pink, like almonds,
Here flourished dodder ...
Happiness is not necessary. I do not regret the world:
I - Angelica.

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Boris Pasternak
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