Trying to jealousy - Tsvetaeva

How you live with other, —
Simply because? - Shock paddles! —
line Beregovoe
Soon eh memory departed

About me, floating island
(In the sky - not on the waters)!
people, people! - you have sisters,
Not lovers - you!

How you live with downtime
woman? without gods?
Empress to the throne
overthrew (thereof with soshed),

How you live - is busy -
shivers? Arises - how?
Duty immortal vulgarity
How to cope, poor person?

"Seizures yes interruptions -
enough! The house is currently self-employed ".
How you live with lyuboyu -
my favorites!

Peculiar and sedobnoe -
eatables? Priests - not Penajam ...
How you live with a kind of -
You, trampling Sinai!

How you live with another man,
The local? Edge - Luba?
Shame Zevesovoy reins
Not ohlestyvaet forehead?

How you live - health -
can? Sung - like?
With the plague of the immortal conscience
How to cope, poor person?

How you live with the goods
market? Dues - cool?
After Carrara marble
How you live with trash

gypsum? (Carved from a block
God - and utterly defeated!)
How you live with one hundred thousandth -
You, knower Lilith!

Rыnochnoyu novelty
whether well fed? By volshby cooled down,
How you live with earthly
woman, no sixth

Well, for Goals: happy?
No? The failure without depth -
how are you, nice? Do heavier,
Just Do, I like the other?

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