Poems to Blok - Tsvetaeva


Your name - a bird in the hand,
Your name - icicle language,
A single movement of the lips,
Your name - five letters.
ball, caught on the fly,
Silver jingle mouth,

A rock, thrown into a quiet pond,
Vskhlipnet so, what is your name.
In light clicking of hooves night
Loud roars your name.
And we call it the temple
Zvonko clicking the trigger.

Your name - ah, must not! —
Your name - a kiss on the eyes,
At the tender age of cold motionless,
Your name - a kiss in the snow.
Key, ice, Blue sip ...
With Your Name - deep sleep.

15 April 1916


gentle ghost,
Knight without reproach,
Whom you are called
In my young life?

In the blue-gray haze
standing, seeking to
snow dressed.

That is not the wind
Chases me around the city,
Oh, so the third
Evening I smell voroga.

I jinxed
Snegovoy singer.

snow swan
I pod legs spreading feathers.
feathers hover
And slowly niknut in snow.

So the feathers,
I go to the door,
For which - death.

He sings me
For blue windows,
He sings me
Bubentsamy far,

long cry,
Swan click -

cute ghost!
I know, I dream that all the.
Do me a favor:
Amen, Amen, scattering!

1 May 1916


You pass on the West of the Sun,
You will see the evening light,
You pass on the West of the Sun,
And a blizzard sweeps trail.

Past my windows - detached -
You will pass in silence snow,
God is righteous, my lovely,
Gentle Light of my soul.

I'm on your life - not zaryus!
Inviolable your path.
In hand, blednuyu of lobzaniy,
Do not nail his vobyu.

And the name is not Hail,
And his hands do not pull.
Wax canonized saint
Only from a distance bow.

AND, under the slow snow standing,
Lowered to his knees in the snow,
And your holy name in,
Kiss evening snow. —

There, where stately gait
You've come to the grave silence,
Quiet Light - holy glory -
Upholder of my soul.

2 May 1916


Beast - den,
Wanderer - the road,
Dead - trap.
To each his own.

Woman - disingenuous,
King - rule,
I - praise
Your name.

2 May 1916


I in Moscow - the dome lit!
I in Moscow - bells ring!
And a number of tombs in my face, —
They queen sleep, and reigns.

And you do not know, that the dawn of the Kremlin
Breathe easier - than in all the land!
And you do not know, that the dawn of the Kremlin
I pray you - to dusk!

And passes you on his Neva
About that time, like the river, Moscow
I stand with head bowed,
And stick lights.

I love you all from insomnia,
All insomnia I'll give ear -
About that time, both around the Kremlin
Wake up bell ringers ...

But my river - but with your river,
But my hand - but with your hand
converge, My joy, till
Not overtook fireworks - fireworks.

7 May 1916


Thought - man!
And forced to die.
died Now, ever.
- Cry of the dead angel!

He at sunset
He sang the beauty of the evening.
Three wax fire
shoot the breeze, litsemernыe.

We walked away rays -
Hot Strings Po snow!
Three wax candles -
Sun something! Lightbringer!

At views, HOW
Sunken eyelids dark!
At views, as
Its wings broken!

Black reading Reader,
Baptized hands idle ...
- Dead is a singer
And Sunday celebrates.

9 May 1916


Should be - behind that grove
Village, where I lived,
It must be - love easier
And it is easier, than I was expecting.

- Hey, idols, so you are dead! —
Privstal and dreamy Knut,
And shout after - ohlest,
Once again, the bells sing.

Rolls over and pathetic bread
During a pole stands - pole.
And wires under the sky
Sings and sings death.

13 May 1916


And clouds of gadflies around indifferent nags,
And the wind swollen Kaluga native lobster,
And whistling quail, and Big Sky,
And the waves of bells above the waves of grain,
And only the Germans, until they get bored,
And the yellow-yellow - for I become blue grove - Cross,
And the sweet heat, and so on all the radiance,
And your name, sounding like: angel.

18 May 1916


How faint ray through the black wraith hells -
So your voice under the roar of exploding shells.

And in the thunder, like a seraph,
: Voices deaf, —

From somewhere in the ancient mornings misty -
How we loved, blind and nameless,

For blue cloak, for treachery - sin ...
And like a gentle all - the, deeper than all

Night sunk - in the case dashing!
And it does not stop loving you, Russia.

And along the temple - a lost finger
All leads, Leads ... And that,

Which days we are waiting, God deceive,
How to become a calling sun - and how not to get up ...

So, prisoner with a privately
(Or a child speaks in a dream?),

It appears to us - across a wide area! —
Sacred Heart of Alexander Blok.

9 May 1920


Here it is - look - tired of exile,
Leader without wives.

Here - a handful of drinking from a mountain rapids -
Prince without a country.

There's everything to him: and the principality of, and army,
and bread, and mother.

Krasno your legacy, - conquer,
Each without friends!

15 August 1921


We remain a monk:
well, lyubimenykim,
handwritten missal,
Larchikom kiparisnыm.

All - to single - women,
them, swallows, us, crowning,
Us, Zlata, the, sedin,
All - to single - son

stay, all - the firstborn,
left the, who rejected,
Staff our countries,
A stranger to our early.

All of us with a short inscription
Cross at the Smolensk cemetery
search, all niknut in chered,
all, ………, do not believe.

All - son, all - heir,
All - pervenkim, poslednenkim.

15 August 1921


A friend of his - do not disturb him!
His servants - not to disturb him!
It was so clear on the face of it:
My kingdom is not of this world.

Prophetic blizzard circling along the veins,
Stooped shoulders bent from the wing,
The singing slot, in clotted fervor -
Swan soul missed!

Bring the, Bring the, a heavy copper!
Wings tasted right: fly!
lips, krychavshye word: answer! —
know, that it is not - die!

Zori drinks, Sea drinks - full nutsedge
revel. - Dirge not serve!
We always commanded: be! —
Would get bread to feed him!

15 August 1921


And the plain -
Creek swan.
Mother, uzhel did not recognize her son?
It is a transcendental - it - mile,
This is the last - he - forgive.

And the plain -
prophetic blizzard.
Virgo, uzhel not recognize each other?
torn garments, wing of the Blood ...
This last he: - Live!

Over okayannoy -
Rise shining with.
Righteous soul urval - osanna!
Convict found bed - warmth.
Stepson to his mother's house. - Amen.

Between 15 and 25 August 1921


Do not Dig the edge -
a broken wing.

Rasstrelschikami not bleed
chest pierced. Do not remove

this bullet. It does not mend wings.
mutilated went.

* * *

Cepok, tsepok crown of thorns!
That the deceased - the thrill of the mob,

Female flattery swan's down ...
passed, lonely and deaf,

freezing sunsets
Nether eyeless statues.

Only one still in it lived:
a broken wing.

Between 15 and 25 August 1921


Without zova, without a word, —
As a roofer falls from roofs.
Maybe, снова
came, - lying in the cradle?

Burn and merknesh,
Lamp few weeks ...
What mortal
Rocking your cradle?

Blessed severity!
Proroçeskiy pevçiy cane!
ABOUT, someone tell me,
In a cradle lie?

"For the time being is not sold!»
Only with this in mind by jealousy
Great bypass
I'll go on Russian soil.

midnight countries
Pass from the end and in the end.
Where the mouth-it-wound,
Eyes a bluish lead?

grab it! stronger!
To love and to love him only!
ABOUT, who I nashepchet,
In a cradle lie?

pearl grain,
Muslin sleeping canopy.
not laurel, a Terni -
Gaskets ostrozubaya shadow.

No nest, and the bird
Disclose two white wing!
- And be born again,
To re-blizzard swept?!

jerk it! Higher!
Keep! Do not give it a!
ABOUT, who I inhale,
In a cradle lie?

Maybe, false
My feat, and nothing - works.
How to put in the ground,
May be, - before the pipe oversleep.

huge hollowness
Thy temples - see again.
So tired -
And it does not raise the pipe!

Reigning pasture,
reliable, rusty silence.
I will guard,
In a cradle lie.

22 November 1921


How sleepy, like a drunken,
by surprise, not ready.
temporal pit:
sleepless conscience.

empty sockets:
Dead and light.
dreamer, vsevidtsa
empty glass.

Did you not
Its rustling mantles
Not made -
Reverse gorge Aida?

Is not this l,
Silver bells full,
Along the sleepy Hebra
floating head?

25 November 1921


So, Jesus! And my obol
Take for approval temple.
Not your love arbitrariness
I sing - his homeland wound.

Not skarednika rusty chest -
granite, rubbed elbows.
All given a hero and a king,
Everyone - the righteous - the singer - and the Dead.

Dnieper ice breaking a,
Grobovym undeterred planks,
Russ - Easter to you swim,

So, a heart, cry and praise,!
Let your cry - thousands of whom? —
Jealous love death.
Another - the chorus rejoices.

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