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'Brother, brother! Brother, brother! be ashamed of, мой брат!
Vows to warm entreaties
forgot Do? Year ago
We were gentle friends ...
Do you remember, remember, right, the battle,
When we were cut with you
Against the enemies of his native land
Or, removing worries,
With the dawn of the newborn
Greeted with a holiday Lada.
And what? excitement annoyance,
Neugomonnaya feud
We were divided forever!..»
- "Do not call me, like before,
In good years.
In days, I believe the hope,
Love and friendship ... I used to know
Excitement dear heart,
And eyes, blue eyes ...
I had a heart virgins:
You stole it from me!..
You took over my beautiful,
Her love and beauty,
You lied to me ... badly!
And he laughed at me ".

Umolkli. But still standing
Inwardly tormented hostility.
At each light shine
Mechy with gold nasechkoy,
On each shell and Shelom,
Eagle Autumn wing.
All round the empty misty in the distance.
Before them, the altar. On him
Idol is white wooden.
Only Ivy viyas Mlada
Cherishes the simple altar.
They bowed the knee,
Mutual hatred vowed.
Here on their horses jumped
And apart arrow flew.

Long Since? How long have one without the other
They did not see the edge of my dear?
Long Since, when one suffered
The exhaustion of disease,
Another was chained
Tender friendship to the head?
Suddenly, bitter revenge breathing,
simmer! Nadmennaya soul
what annoyed? - love!
Askar, production of abusive power,
Finlyandku young love.
She tears lila in captivity
And remember amid the sad days
Rocks Finland its.

Finland Rocks empty,
Lakes glass bays
And boron sad and dull,
How sweet you, how happy you
His wild beauty ...
They smoke low valleys,
Where heaps of small huts
With dirty yards. circle round them
Grow curly rowan,
At altitudes of blackened stumps
Ile stems charred pines.
In the country of the brief days of spring
And the duration of the fall ...

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