In the ranks of the crowd stood silent - Lermontov

In the ranks of the crowd stood silent,
When we buried another,
Just pop regimental murmured, and sometimes
Revell autumn blizzard.
Around quiver over the grave of a saint
Motionless in the fog sparkled;
Ulanskaya cap yes sword fighting
Plank laid on the coffin.
And bilosya heart in my chest no one,
And in the eyes of all the earth looked,
As if all, so that it is given,
They wanted to wrest from her.
Vain tears did not flow from his eyes,
Melancholy gripped our souls;
And a handful of fatal farewell land,
Fallen down on the coffin, zastučala.
goodbye, our comrade, not long have you lived,
Singer with blue eyes;
Only a wooden cross itself deserves
Yes eternal memory among us!

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Boris Pasternak
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