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You have launched in snow.
I have long been a mature man.
As at this age my
Kidding you so casually and easily.

Snow got into my collar,
And the water flows into the neck.
snow me, it seems, penetrated into the soul,
And the cold, I am young.

What we are looking at the snowy expanse?
we it, what good, whammy.
I can not collect my thoughts.
You snowball knocked them down.

My gray hair white tow
You fell asleep white powdergramm.
You hit the target without a miss
And he delighted scored in his hands.

You're a good shooter. you mark.
But what I treated medicine,
If you have instead of snow
Struck by Cupid's arrows?

What do I age and the type of elderly?
He told me only suffering strengthen.
I love shaking boom
Wounded in the poor heart bleed.

You made your back,
Once again proving its strength,
At the moment, when, for no apparent reason
Snowball landed on me.

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