A ghost wandering around the house.
All day the steps above your head.
In the attic of the shadow flicker.
Wanders around the house the house.
Everywhere hanging out of place,
It interferes in all cases,
The robe is stolen to the bed,
He rips off the tablecloth off the table.

Nog in poroga not obterši,
It runs into the vortex drafts
And the curtain, both tantsorshey,
Soared up to the ceiling.

Who is this mischievous child-cad
And this ghost and double?
Yes, this is our resident visitor,
Our summer cottager vacationer.

For the whole of his short breather
We are renting the whole house he.
July and thunderstorms, July air
I rented a room we rented.

July, drags in odezhy
dandelion fluff, burdock,
July, home through the windows enter,
All the loud speaker loud.

Steppenwolf unkempt slob,
Smelling of lime tree and grass,
Tops and fennel odor,
July air pratense.

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Boris Pasternak
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