A letter to a woman - Yesenin

Do you remember,
All of you, of course, remember,
As I stood,
Approaching the wall,
Excitedly walked you around the room
And something dramatic
The person throwing me.

you said:
Time for us to leave,
What has tormented
My Crazy Life,
That you have time to be taken for the cause,
And my destiny -
roll on, down.

I did not love you.
Did not know you, that the human sonmische
I was, like a horse, driven into a lather,
Spurred by a bold rider,

Did not know you,
What am I in a solid smoke,
In everyday life turned wholly
Since I suffer and, that I do not understand -
Where shall we rock events.

Face to face
Person can not see.
Big is seen at a distance.
When boiling sea surface,
Ship in disrepair.

Earth - the ship!
But someone suddenly
For a new life, new glory
In direct midst of storms and blizzards
It sent a stately.

Well, which of us on the deck of a large
I do not fall, not vomit and did not swear?
them a little, with an experienced soul,
Who remained strong in pitching.

Then I
Under the wild noise,
But knowing mature work,
Down in the ship's hold,
So as not to see the human vomiting.

That hold was -
Russian tavern.
I leaned over the glass,
to, without suffering of anyone,
ruin themselves
In a drunken stupor.

I tormented you,
You have been longing
In the eyes of the weary:
What am I before you parade
He squandered themselves in scandals.

But you did not know,
What's in a solid smoke,
In everyday life turned wholly
Since I suffer and,
What I do not understand,
Where shall we rock events ...

Now years have passed.
I aged another.
And I feel and think differently.
And I speak at the banquet of wine:
Praise and glory rulevomu!

Today I
The impact of affection.
I remembered your sad fatigue.
And now
I tell you rush,
What I was
And what happened to me!

I am pleased to say:
I avoid falling from cliff.
Now the Soviet side
I am most furious companion.

I did not order,
Who was then.
I would not have tortured you,
As it once was.
Behind the banner of liberty
And light labor
Ready to go at least to the English Channel.

Excuse me ...
I know: you are not the same -
you live
With a serious, clever husband;
What you do not need our drudgery,
And I myself you
Not the least bit necessary.

live so,
As you lead a star,
Under the canopy of Tabernacles updated.
The welcome,
You always remembering
your acquaintance
Sergey Yesenin.

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