Prosaced – Vladimir Mayakovsky

A little bit the night will turn into dawn,
I see every day:
who heads,
who is in whom,
who is in polit,
who is in the gap,
people disperse to institutions.
Rain on paper cases,
as soon as you enter the building:
taking from fifty -
most important!-
employees go to meetings.

“Can't they give an audience?
I have been walking since she. "-
“Comrade Ivan Vanych went to sit -
unification of Theo and Gucon ".

You will climb a hundred stairs.
Light is not nice.
“An hour later they told you to come.
Sit down:
buying a glass of ink
SpongeBob Cooperative ».

An hour later:
our secretary,
no secretary -
Everyone under 22
at a meeting of the Komsomol.

Climbing again, looking at the night,
to the top floor of a seven-story building.
"Comrade Ivan Vanych came?» —
“At the meeting
A-be-ve-ge-de-e-zhe-ze-coma ».

at a meeting
an avalanche,
wild curses belching dear.
And I see:
half of people are sitting.
Where is the other half?
Tossing about, orya.
The mind went crazy from a terrible picture.
And I hear
the secretary's calmest voice:
“On two sessions at once.

In a day
meetings for twenty
we need to keep up.
Inevitably, you have to split in two.
Up to the waist here,
but other

You won't fall asleep with excitement.
Early morning.
I meet the early dawn with a dream:
"ABOUT, at least
one meeting
regarding the eradication of all meetings!»

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