The beam otlynivaya resin,
Not Altyn ogruzhennyh braid,
In spring pruzhenye Udall
Moldovan gets off train.

Oblenilisʹ Chad city of Zagreb,
With young women obezrob and serf:
firmament obuet, curb sky,
firmament hobble, unbridled firmament!

Jarodeyu absence, sopodvizhtsu
Your mother's maiden mladezha,
Devo, Devo, rastomlennoj myšcej
you give, sloƶa corridor.

Zhglom crazier pьяna napropaluю,
Zapahneshsya sneaky eh hollow,
If he is epileptic kiss
Shot down shirt Solntseva cheekbone.

And a mile. Only with Peklo tower,
Vzlokotyasya, chippings over crumbs,
Feeds the sun ailing monkey
Sleigh Bells obletnoy husk.

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Boris Pasternak
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