All inclination and deposits…

All inclination and deposits
Chewed up one.
would be enough soda for heartburn!
So the result of your, mastery?
The other day I went out a book in Prague.
She suffered me
In days, when to purchase a house
from Zarev, of the burning close,
I believed in the word of paper,
Bathed craft lamp.
Used to, Snow has boiled,
That only comes into my head.
I twilight of his soil
My house, and canvas, and usage.
All winter he wrote etudes,
And in full view of passers-by
I have them stand out,
melting, copy, stealing.

It seemed the alpha and omega-
We life in a cut;
And all year round, In the snow, without snow,
She lived, how alter Ego,[20 – other “I”, counterpart (lat.)]
And I called her sister.

The land was so full of my eyes,
that blossomed, how kuroslep
With colza small nevrastsep,
And drank burnt roots, the black
Tsikornogo juice thick turf,
And once it was a form of,
And this – Lepke destinies.

Suddenly – edition of the Prague.
As if the rivers and ravines
Think for a half hour
To come back from the Greeks to the Normans,
In their former addresses.

Since then, things have changed radically.
The world has become unprecedentedly wide.
Since the revolution eh vice,
What am I, over the years, submissive,
firmer, I do not know whose, lesson?

Where does it come from? What a parable,
That the ashes of failed planets
Parental violin Capricho?
many talents, spirit there.

Poet, Do not take for granted
Examples of Dante and Torquatus.
Art – daring eye estimation,
inclination, strength and grip.

You sawed logs on
In the year, when the fire of adversity
The ash Population
Oplavilos core: people.

He water and air for you,
is he – former meadow buttercup,
Mop cheremuh belogrozdyh
The clouds poised far head.

Do not expose it marks.
Rastrogannosti worthless.
Paddy storm into the arms of the branches,
Rain douse it to the bottom.

not umylyaysya, – not pull up.
Shyn missing, come back exhausted,
And repyam and plutaniya
understand, whom you visited.
Your creation does not order:
Awards assigns power.
And you – longing hemp clewlines and buntlines,
Guy sailing gear.

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Boris Pasternak
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