Menagerie is located in the park.
Entrance arch encircling,
Stand guard at the cash register.
But here's the gate in the form of a grotto.
Featuring a rotating
Due to the limestone piles,
The wind silvery pond.
He made his way through the entire special
intangible chills.
The distant roar of cougars
Merges into a discordant noise.
Growl is rolling through the park,
And the sky is hot,
But there is not a cloud in sight
In the Zoological Gardens.
As good-natured neighbors,
The children talk Bears,
And echoing plate jammed
Bare heel cubs.
Running on a tile gangplank
Descend in one underwear
Bears white threesome
In one family pond.
they roar, splashing and washing.
Pants in the water does not hold a belt,
But no washing decoction
NEJM kosmatyh Sarovar.
Previous topics like shit, rickety
And sex obnyuhaet fox.
At the clang and snap locks
It seems lyaskane wolves.
They fry from greed,
Eyes full of dry heat, –
Volčića zlit, when Troon
Over the exterior of her puppies.
Do not stop, lioness
Vymerivaet floorboard,
Back and forth, back and forth.
Touching sticks to the face
it rides, how Cordelia;
Her sails back and forth
Rods of iron binding.

And the same wire flicker
Chasing a leopard on a lasso,
And the same brusyanoy barrier
It leads Panthers rabies.
well-bred ladies
suitable, crouching, lama,
Spits in the eye and in a temper
It gives unexpectedly Strekachev.
This explosion stupid pride
Sadly gazes ship of the desert, –
“the senior sduru not spit”,
It is reasonable to think camel.
Under him, how rowing, people walk.
He stands a steep breasts,
Surging raw boats
Over human wave.

How old wives sundresses, arms
Zadok pheasant and tsesarok.
Here showered tinsel
And the shine of silver and steel.
Here, shimmering in the hot soot,
The scarf of black and blue yarn,
Pavlin, mysterious, as night,
Suitable and other wastes.
Here it went out for a pigeon,
Here he went, and neobyatnoy
Dark night sky tail
With a fountain shooting stars!

Trough pushing away,
snack parrots
And disgust clean beak,
Hardly eggshell kolupnuv.
Not for nothing on the severity of the choicest
And tongues, coffee beans,
Charred at Cockatoo
In the Zoological Gardens.
They Persian lilac
Compete in plumage.
Than the house, otherwise soon
Blossom among greenhouses.

But here's a favorite krasnozady
Zoologičeskogo now,
Quiet madness has seized,
Osklabivshiysya baboon.
It moan alms,
As befits a monkey,
That bothers cam
Scratching jaw and cheeks,
That runs around, like a poodle,
That it is daring,
And he, taking off at full gallop,
Gymnast hangs on a branch.

The pelvis with thick sides
Rots pickle with giblets.
we are told, what is it – transparent,
And in the mud – Nile crocodile.
Had he not been a perfect crumb,
He would have been a little bit scarier.
Such a fate, and he is not happy
A juvenile reptile.
Someone along the way passing,
For someone coming close,
Come on, meeting on the walls
Tablature: “For elephants”.
WHO among hay warehouse,
Worth dremuchaya community.
Fangs went up to the ceiling.
On the block is twisted tuft of hay.
Shot up the chaff with half a whirlwind,
Mahina is inverted
And gives a little back
rafters, hay, and storage unit.
Sole squeezed hard rim,
Rattles trunk chain and walks,
Having been dragged on the plate with Sharkey,
And he writes in the loop height.
And something teshetsya broad land:
Not that ragged ears,
As the two housing Karetnyi,
Not that heap of straw.
Time to go home. What a pity!
And how much is still left divas!
We examined unless a third.
All at a time not to inspect.
The last time the eagle scream
Poured tram rumble,
The last time tramvainy noise
Merges with a growl cougars.


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Boris Pasternak
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