the fire, you hear, began to fade - Brodsky

the fire, you hear, I began to fade.
And the shadows in the corners - stirred.
Already it is impossible to specify a finger in them,
prykryknut, them to stop.
Yes, the host of these things does not hear the words.
Built in quads, It closed in the circuit.
Quietly coming out of corners,
and I suddenly became the focus.
Everything above the bottom of the dark explosions.
Like exclamation mark.
All the thick darkness flies from height,
to chin, crumples paper.
Now disappeared hands on the clock
Not only can not see them, but not heard.
And there was only a gleam in the eyes,
frozen motionless. Still.
fire extinguished. you hear: he extinguished.
Combustible smoke on the ceiling soars.
But the highlight - do not leave the eye.
Rather, Darkness does not leave.


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